Scottish Naming Patterns/Conventions

Scottish children were often named according to a specific naming pattern or convention. There are many examples of this in my family tree.

Children were named by following a simple set of rules:

1st son named after father’s father
2nd son named after mother’s father
3rd son named after father

1st daughter named after mother’s mother
2nd daughter named after father’s mother
3rd daughter named after mother

An example in my family trees is as follows.  My ggggrandfather was Donald McKenzie.  He had five children with his wife, Margaret McLennan.  The first boy was called Roderick, after Donald’s father.  The second boy was called Donald, after Margaret’s father. Usually the third boy was named after the father – but in this case Donald already had a son using his name, so the third son was called Angus.  The first girl was called Mary, after Margaret’s mother and the second girl was called Ann after Donald’s mother.

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