There were 70 people listed in the 1841 Census for Inveralligin. The settlements either side of Inveralligin were Corry to the east and Upper Alligin to the west. Those 70 people are listed below and were contained in 16 households (scroll down to see all the people):

I have attempted to research each household and build family details in my Family Tree section. Please click on the links below to find out more about each household.

  1. Norman MacDONALD (1802-) and Mary McGREGOR
  2. The information I have for Norman McDonald and his family has them living at Corry. This is not surprising as Corry is right next door to Inveralligin on the 1841 census. Norman McDonald was born about 1802, the son of John McDonald and Janet McLean of Corry. His wife is listed as Mary McGregor on the baptism records of his children, but I don’t know when they married. He is listed at Crinnan, Corry on the baptism entries for his children John, Hector and Mary. The family cannot be found after the 1841 census either in the area or in Scotland. My guess is they have emigrated somewhere. I have found a promising entry in the 1871 census for Middle River, Victoria in Nova Scotia (this is Cape Breton). There were many families from the Torridon area who emigrated to PEI and Nova Scotia.

  3. Donald and Chirsty MacDonald
  4. I have not been able to identify this couple to date.

  5. Donald MacDONALD (-1879) and Christian MacDONALD (-1877)
  6. Donald McDonald and Christian McDonald were married on 15th March, 1820. Both were from Alligin and Donald is described as a Fisherman in the 1841 census. Donald, Christy and children are listed on subsequent census’ at Inveralligin until their deaths – Chirsty died in 1877 and Donald in 1879. Their son, Murdo, is living with them in 1871 with his new wife, Ann McKenzie. Murdo and Ann were married on 10th March 1868. Anne is from Diabaig. Murdo and Ann are still in Inveralligin in 1881, but Murdo dies in 1884. Ann then marries John McDonald from ??? in 1888 – both had been widowed and John’s first wife was also Ann McKenzie.

  7. Murdo MacDONALD (1800-) and Mary McKENZIE
  8. Murdoch McDonald and Mary McKenzie were married in Gairloch parish on 23rd Feb 1825. Murdoch was from Kinlochewe (not very far from Torridon) and Mary was from Boor (need to find out where this is). Murdoch and Mary had 7 children by 1841. An 8th child, daughter Hectorina was born at Inveralligin in 1843. Sadly Mary must have died soon afterwards, as Murdoch marries Flora McBeth from Fernamore (on the far west of the southern shore of Loch Torridon) in 1846. In 1851, Murdoch and Flora are in Inveralligin with five children from Murdoch’s first marriage and 2 new daughters. Murdo dies between 1861 and 1871. Also son Roderick marries and his wife dies as Flora and Roderick are living together in 1871. In 1881 it looks like Flora is living by herself in Inveralligin.

  9. Donald McKENZIE (1796-1873) and Margaret MacLENNAN (1811-1865)
  10. These are my ggg grandparents. I have been unable to find a record of Donald and Margaret’s marriage. I know Donald was a local as his mother is in Household No. 10 with Donald’s brother, Angus and family (need to check Margaret). Donald and Margaret both lived at Inveralligin until their deaths (Donald in 1874 and Margaret in 1865). Son Roderick also settled in Inveralligin as a fisherman. Daughter Ann was a long time servant and carer for John Matheson who also lived at Inveralligin. Youngest son, Angus, went to Cromarty, married there and worked as an agricultural labrouer in Angus and Perthshire. At this time, I do not know what happened to their other children, Mary and Donald (both lived to adulthood).

  11. Margaret McLENNAN (1800-1882)
  12. She is the daughter of Catherine McLennan who is living in Household No. 16.

  13. Donald MacDONALD and Anne McBEATH (1776-1876)
  14. Donald McDonald and Ann McBeath were married 16th January 1805. Both were from Alligin and Donald is described as a Fisherman in the 1841 census. There are surviving baptism records for 8 children born to the couple between 1805 and 1825. Donald died between 1841 and 1851 as Ann is listed as a widow on the 1851 census with her two younger children, Murdo and Ann. In 1861, Ann has daughters Isabella and Annabel living with her along with a granddaughter, Chirsty. Isabella and Chirsty are still living with Ann in 1871, so I am guessing that Chirsty is Isabella’s daughter.

  15. Kenneth McLEAN (-1872) and Isabella McKENZIE (1799-1870)
  16. Kenneth McLean and Isabella McKenzie married in 1818. Their marriage entry states that they were both from Alligin. Isabella was the daughter of Roderick McKenzie and Ann McDonald, and was the sister of Donald McKenzie in household no 5 and Angus McKenzie, who was living in household no 10 that was headed by their mother Anne. Both Kenneth and Isabella appear in subsequent census’ at Inveralligin until their deaths. Isabella died in 1870 and Kenneth in 1872. Their son, Donald, married Annabella MacDonald in 1859. They had three sons before Annabella died in 1866. Donald was a fisherman and lived in Inveralligin until his death in 1902. All three sons also lived their lives in Inveralligin.

  17. David MACPHERSON (1819-)
  18. David is with his mother Mary, in the 1841 census. Father Alexander is, for some reason, in the 1841 census at Corry. David and Mary are also at Inveralligin in 1851, but I can’t find Alexander. David marries Margaret MacDonald, daughter of Murdo (household 4) in 1854 and they emigrate to Victoria, Australia. After David’s death, not sure when, Margaret marries a Roderick Morrison from Gairloch and they move from Victoria to Western Australia (near Perth and possibly near Applecross WA). David’s parents are both on the poor register.

  19. Ann McKENZIE/MacDONALD (1763-1858)
  20. Ann McKenzie (nee McDonald) is my 4xgreat grandmother. Her husband was Roderick McKenzie and she is living with her son Angus in 1841. Son Angus married Mary McDonald also from Alligin in 1832. Angus and Mary lived in Inveralligin until their deaths, in 1888 and 1870, respectively. Of Angus’ children, youngest daughter Annabella married Murdo, son of Roderick McLean from household no 12 and they emigrated to Canada. Annabella and Murdo were second cousins.

  21. Roderick McLEAN (1819-)
  22. He is the son of Kenneth McLean and Isabella McKenzie (household no 8)

  23. Roderick McLEAN (-1878) and Isabella MacDONALD (-1892)
  24. Roderick is a Tailor and brother to Kenneth McLean in household no 8.

  25. Finlay McLEAN (1802-1886)
  26. Finlay McLean, wife Mary and 2 children are in the 1841 census but not afterwards. I have found a possible Finlay and Ann McLean (formarly McGregor) from Lochcarron who went to Victoria in Australia. This Finlay died 4 July 1886 in Euroa, Victoria and his will bequeaths his estate to his son Duncan. Finlay’s brother, Roderick, also settled in Euroa, Victoria.

  27. Roderick McKENZIE (1805-1884) and Catherine MacDONALD (1816-1907)
  28. Roderick McKenzie and Catherine McDonald were married in 1839 and both were from Alligin. Roderick was the son of Kenneth McKenzie and Margaret McDonald and Catherine was the daughter of Duncan McDonakd and Ann McLean. They lived at Inveralligin all their lives. Roderick died in 1884 and Catherine lived with her son, also Roderick, until her death in 1907.

  30. I think this is Anne McLennan, widow of Finlay McDonald with two of her children, Catherine and Duncan. Anne and Catherine are also living together in 1851. Catherine is listed at Inveralligin in 1861 and 1871 by herself and dies in 1873. Duncan marries Mary McKenzie from Corry in 1845 and lives with her and their children at Inveralligin until his death in 1879.

  31. Catherine McLENNAN/MacDONALD (1761-1859)

    Sister to Ann McDonald, wife of Roderick McKenzie.

How many of these households am I related to? Roderick McKenzie and Ann MacDonald were my 4xg grandparents. They had four children who I know of. Three of these children and Ann herself were living in Inveralligin at the time of the 1841 census. Also Ann’s sister, Catherine McLennan was there too in 1841.