I have traced my Morrow family back to Henry MORROW (1760-1833) and Mary Anne JOHNSTONE (1757-1837) who lived in the townland of Crevenish, Parish of Magheraculmoney, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. They had seven children: William, James, Richard, John, Robert, Elizabeth and Francis. In the 1840s and 1850s most of the children emigrated to Australia. William’s widow, Magdalen Martin, arrived in Sydney aboard the “Sarah Botsford” on 15 Feb 1842 with six children. Williams’ brother, Richard, was also aboard the “Sarah Botsford” with his wife Elizabeth Morrow and their children. James, his wife and two of their children arrived in Sydney in 1849 (not sure this is true). John Morrow’s children arrived in Sydney aboard the “Stamboul” on 31 Oct 1854, whilst John himself arrived aboard the “Emma” on 31 Jan 1857. Robert was the first to arrive in Sydney aboard the “Orestes” on 15 May 1841 with his second wife and children from both marriages. His sister, Elizabeth wasn’t far behind, arriving aboard the “Percy” on 28 Aug 1841 with her husband, Edward Allingham and children. Youngest child Frances also arrived in Australia in 1841.  She was aboard the “Helen” with her husband, Thomas Armstrong, and their four children. The “Helen” arrived in Sydney on 21 July 1841.

My gggrandfather was George MORROW (1823-1906), eldest son of Robert Morrow and his first wife, Frances Morrow. Instead of farming with his father near Gerringong, George joined his uncle Edward Allingham in Armidale. He later married Edward’s orphaned niece, Isabella Allingham who had been brought out to Australia with her sister, Jane, by her uncle. George and Isabella were later to look after two of Isabella’s nieces.