Armidale, NSW, Australia


Latitude: -30.51667, Longitude: 151.65


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLARK, Catherine Joyce  12 Oct 1936Armidale, NSW, Australia I8641
2 CLARK, Aileen Edith  19 Dec 1932Armidale, NSW, Australia I8639
3 MORROW, Jeffrey  15 Dec 1929Armidale, NSW, Australia I4298
4 CLARK, Sylvia Mary  1929Armidale, NSW, Australia I8638
5 ALLINGHAM, Marjorie  19 Jan 1927Armidale, NSW, Australia I6331
6 MAYERS, Elsie Veronica  1926Armidale, NSW, Australia I1025
7 COLLINS, Ruby  23 Jul 1911Armidale, NSW, Australia I818
8 COLLINS, Thelma M  1910Armidale, NSW, Australia I892
9 CLARK, Leslie George  1906Armidale, NSW, Australia I3021
10 MORROW, Catherine E  8 Jul 1901Armidale, NSW, Australia I243
11 RAE, Archibald Francis  1895Armidale, NSW, Australia I6062
12 RAE, Stanley James  31 Mar 1893Armidale, NSW, Australia I4284
13 RAE, Percy Neil  1893Armidale, NSW, Australia I6057
14 RATHBUN, Sydney Morris  1892Armidale, NSW, Australia I295
15 MORROW, William James  1890Armidale, NSW, Australia I185
16 MORROW, Robert Leslie  1887Armidale, NSW, Australia I237
17 ALLINGHAM, Christopher  2 Apr 1886Armidale, NSW, Australia I6329
18 MORROW, George H  1885Armidale, NSW, Australia I236
19 MORROW, Ernest W  1884Armidale, NSW, Australia I235
20 TEARLE, Mary  1882Armidale, NSW, Australia I800
21 MORROW, Edith Isabella  1882Armidale, NSW, Australia I234
22 MORROW, Edith Isabella  18 Jul 1874Armidale, NSW, Australia I227
23 MAYER, Hanchen Louise  16 Apr 1871Armidale, NSW, Australia I184
24 MORROW, Johnstone  1871Armidale, NSW, Australia I226
25 MORROW, Alfred J  1868Armidale, NSW, Australia I225
26 MORROW, Magdalen Isabella  4 Jan 1865Armidale, NSW, Australia I406
27 MORROW, Elizabeth A (Bessie)  1863Armidale, NSW, Australia I224
28 MORROW, James H  1861Armidale, NSW, Australia I223
29 THOMPSON, Alexander  1860Armidale, NSW, Australia I916
30 MORROW, Elizabeth Ann  1860Armidale, NSW, Australia I405
31 MORROW, George Edward  1859Armidale, NSW, Australia I222
32 MORROW, Sarah Jane  1857Armidale, NSW, Australia I221
33 MARKHAM, Susan Jane  1857Armidale, NSW, Australia I7726
34 ALLINGHAM, Edward George  15 Jan 1856Armidale, NSW, Australia I860
35 MORROW, Fanny  11 Aug 1855Armidale, NSW, Australia I220
36 MACDONALD, Allan  1854Armidale, NSW, Australia I3941
37 MORROW, Robert William  28 Dec 1853Armidale, NSW, Australia I219
38 ALLINGHAM, Elizabeth  1852Armidale, NSW, Australia I3940
39 ALLINGHAM, Christopher  1849Armidale, NSW, Australia I3925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MAYERS, Mary Emma  25 Jul 1909Armidale, NSW, Australia I1020
2 MAYERS, Lucy  19 May 1907Armidale, NSW, Australia I1019
3 ALLINGHAM, Edward George  15 Jan 1856Armidale, NSW, Australia I860


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLINGHAM, Marjorie  20 Nov 2016Armidale, NSW, Australia I6331
2 CLARK, Aileen Edith  7 Feb 1980Armidale, NSW, Australia I8639
3 CLARK, Leslie George  6 Jun 1976Armidale, NSW, Australia I3021
4 MORROW, Fanny  1976Armidale, NSW, Australia I247
5 USHER, Ethel Hilda  1974Armidale, NSW, Australia I1317
6 MAYERS, Mary Emma  1963Armidale, NSW, Australia I1020
7 MORROW, William James  1962Armidale, NSW, Australia I185
8 SMITH, Harriet May  1954Armidale, NSW, Australia I6330
9 ALLINGHAM, Christopher  1952Armidale, NSW, Australia I6329
10 TEARLE, Mary  13 Mar 1947Armidale, NSW, Australia I800
11 MORTIMER, Jean  7 Feb 1943Armidale, NSW, Australia I1321
12 CUPITT, Ada Louisa  5 Feb 1943Armidale, NSW, Australia I6701
13 ALLINGHAM, William Henry  1939Armidale, NSW, Australia I6327
14 CLARK, Robert L G  1935Armidale, NSW, Australia I8642
15 ALLINGHAM, Susan  9 Feb 1932Armidale, NSW, Australia I1600
16 ALLINGHAM, William Harvey  21 Sep 1930Armidale, NSW, Australia I862
17 MAYERS, Elsie Veronica  1928Armidale, NSW, Australia I1025
18 BARRETT, Agnes Maria  17 Oct 1920Armidale, NSW, Australia I6376
19 ALLINGHAM, Ann  16 Oct 1918Armidale, NSW, Australia I881
20 ALLINGHAM, Robert  11 Oct 1918Armidale, NSW, Australia I885
21 ALLINGHAM, George  4 Oct 1916Armidale, NSW, Australia I883
22 ALLINGHAM, William  1912Armidale, NSW, Australia I882
23 COLLINS, Thelma M  1910Armidale, NSW, Australia I892
24 MCRAE, Mary Ann  5 Oct 1907Armidale, NSW, Australia I6092
25 ALLINGHAM, Anne  30 Nov 1904Armidale, NSW, Australia I853
26 ALLINGHAM, Elizabeth  16 Sep 1901Armidale, NSW, Australia I880
27 COVENTRY, Margaret  17 Aug 1901Armidale, NSW, Australia I859
28 ALLINGHAM, George  6 Apr 1898Armidale, NSW, Australia I899
29 MACDONALD, Allan  1896Armidale, NSW, Australia I3941
30 RATHBUN, Joseph  1894Armidale, NSW, Australia I294
31 MORROW, Elizabeth  16 Nov 1891Armidale, NSW, Australia I893
32 ALLINGHAM, George Robert  14 Aug 1891Armidale, NSW, Australia I2067
33 MORROW, Margaret  10 Aug 1891Armidale, NSW, Australia I879
34 MORROW, Ernest W  1884Armidale, NSW, Australia I235
35 ALLINGHAM, Susan  11 Jan 1882Armidale, NSW, Australia I898
36 ALLINGHAM, Henry  6 Oct 1880Armidale, NSW, Australia I900
37 ALLINGHAM, Christopher  7 Nov 1876Armidale, NSW, Australia I1598
38 LOVE, Mary  5 Mar 1873Armidale, NSW, Australia I416
39 ALLINGHAM, Edward  2 Aug 1869Armidale, NSW, Australia I894
40 ALLINGHAM, William  13 Apr 1868Armidale, NSW, Australia I869
41 ALLINGHAM, Andrew William  1863Armidale, NSW, Australia I861
42 BRACKIN, Richard  8 Feb 1849Armidale, NSW, Australia I858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALLINGHAM, William  1868Armidale, NSW, Australia I869
2 MORROW, Elizabeth  Armidale, NSW, Australia I893
3 ALLINGHAM, Edward  Armidale, NSW, Australia I894


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MORROW / BIDDLE  1949Armidale, NSW, Australia F1520
2 BUTLER / MORROW  1946Armidale, NSW, Australia F1519
3 KEARNS / MAYERS  1941Armidale, NSW, Australia F2592
4 DAWSON / MAYERS  8 Jun 1929Armidale, NSW, Australia F1070
5 GERK / MAYERS  1928Armidale, NSW, Australia F1069
6 CLARK / MAYERS  1928Armidale, NSW, Australia F1067
7 BRACKIN / COLLINS  9 Aug 1911Armidale, NSW, Australia F1419
8 ROBERTS / MORROW  1892Armidale, NSW, Australia F96
9 MORROW / MAYER  11 Feb 1890Armidale, NSW, Australia F8
10 RAE / MORROW  1 Jul 1885Armidale, NSW, Australia F267
11 MORROW / MULLIGAN  1882Armidale, NSW, Australia F83
12 ALLINGHAM / MARKHAM  4 Jul 1877Armidale, NSW, Australia F1073
13 ALLINGHAM / MCQUILKIN  20 Nov 1866Armidale, NSW, Australia F258
14 BEDDOME / ALLINGHAM  30 Jan 1866Armidale, NSW, Australia F275
15 MARKHAM / ALLINGHAM  26 May 1863Armidale, NSW, Australia F280
16 ALLINGHAM / ALLINGHAM  22 May 1862Armidale, NSW, Australia F274
17 HUTTON / ALLINGHAM  30 Mar 1854Armidale, NSW, Australia F1385
18 MARKHAM / ALLINGHAM  5 Mar 1854Armidale, NSW, Australia F281
19 MORROW / ALLINGHAM  13 Jan 1853Armidale, NSW, Australia F15
20 BRACKIN / ALLINGHAM  7 Jun 1847Armidale, NSW, Australia F262

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